Smart Solutions

blueberry is the result of 20 years working with municipalities and building solutions that really work.

  • Fully content managed
  • Add town logo
  • Colour scheme for your town
  • Mobile optimized and friendly
  • Quick load times (even on slow connections)
  • Search Engine Optimized

Your Town, Your Style

We’ll work with you to make sure your brand and colours shine on blueberry.


Secure, fast, and included.

  • Hourly database backups and weekly backup of all files.
  • Strict permissions and access controls for increase security.
  • Hosted in Canada, keeping your data private.
  • Monitored and automated alerts.
  • Uptime guarantee: we use it for our own sites.

Content Management

Our sites are fully content managed; add as much or as little as you need.

  • Easy-to-use system
  • Update, preview, and publish
  • Users and roles for different levels of access
  • Rich media: more than just bold and italics; embed images, videos, social media, and more.

Today, Tomorrow, Every Day

Collect daily town information into a calendar — include municipal schedules, holidays, events, and news — with more to come.

  • Automatically displays information about what’s happening in the town.
  • Includes current weather, five day forecast and history starting from the day your site goes live.
  • Browse through history of dates, or check out upcoming events.

Council Minutes

Upload minutes from council meetings, grouped into years and months for easy discoverability.

  • Text PDFs automatically indexed for search.
  • Include audio recordings.
  • Increase transparency with residents.

News and Events

Keep residents informed about town events and updates.

  • Set categories for filtering and grouping
  • Mark articles as an alert to display a prominent bar on your site
  • Repeat events as often as you want


Help residents find the forms and documents they need.

  • Upload PDFs for easy access by residents
  • Set categories for filtering and grouping
  • Text PDFs automatically indexed to search contents

Find What You’re Looking For

Site wide search of all content, filtered into sections, and customizable results.

  • Search results broken down into content sections (news, events, resources, etc.).
  • Add custom keywords to help residents find the right content.
  • Search reports so you know what’s being searched and how often.
  • Set suggested searches for popular or important items.

Local Weather

Keep your residents informed with weather forecast and history.

  • Current weather updated hourly
  • Five-day forecast
  • Forecast added to upcoming events
  • Builds database of weather history from the time your site goes live

And more…

We’ve got big plans for blueberry. 

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